What is Double Layer?

What is Double Layer?

Double Layer delivers the promise of the preeminent “ANTI-BLISTER SYSTEM”!  The unique and patented design elements of the Double Layer place the foot of the wearer into the best possible environment to avoid hot spot and blister development.

WRIGHTSOCK Double Layer eliminates the 3 causes leading to hotspots and blister development, FRICTION, EXCESSIVE MOISTURE and HEAT!

How it Works

The inside sock will always fit snuggly to the foot with a flat, smooth surface against the skin.  The inner sock always features an un-dyed, hydrophobic yarn that acts as a second skin or protective barrier and is designed to move moisture away from the foot. This quick movement of moisture helps to reduce excessive heat on the skin!  The body’s natural cooling process is the quick evaporation of moisture off the skin. The result is that the inner layer eliminates 2 of the 3 leading causes of blisters, excessive moisture and heat.  

The outer layer interacts with the inner layer to eliminate friction generated by “foot shear” inside the shoe.  The interaction of the two layers absorbs the friction before it can pass onto the outer layers of the skin. 

Under the protection of two US patents, the outer layer is designed to meet the specific weight preferences of the wearer.  We take advantage of combining various yarns to provide the wearer with a custom fit to work with the shoes for the appropriate activity.

If you prefer a lightweight sock check out the CoolMesh ll, the outer layer features a very small denier yarn. Also choose from the Lt. Hike, and Merino CoolMesh, Lightweight socks are often preferred by folks that chose to wear minimalist footwear, have a tighter fit in their shoes, or simply want to stay as cool as possible.

If you prefer a bit more in your shoes, but not so much that may require changing your shoe size, WRIGHTSOCK offers a midweight combination of yarns see Running ll, RUN, or EXPLORE. The midweight socks are often a great transition for the first time wearers of performance socks. If you have been wearing cotton socks and finally realize that cotton is not to be worn in high perspiration environments, the midweight is a perfect fit for you. 

And lastly, if you prefer a more cushioned sock, or need to fill your shoes a bit more, the outer layer will feature a more substantial yarn and will be terry looped for additional volume and cushioning try the Endurance, Escape, Adventure, or Hike!

Two Sock Performance – One Sock Feel!