Wrightsock Frequently Asked Questions


There are a lot of running socks out there. What makes your socks different?
It’s the Double Layer® that creates the Anti-Blister System™. The Double Layer® is designed to place the foot in the best possible environment to avoid hot spots and blisters. Blisters and hot spots are caused by three factors: excessive friction, excessive moisture and excessive heat. The interaction of the two layers absorbs the friction normally passed onto the outer layers of the skin. The inner layer fabric wicks away the moisture from the foot. This quick moisture removal eliminates the heat buildup. The Double Layer® absorbs the friction, wicks the moisture and keeps feet dry so blisters never form.

What is the Blister-Free Guarantee?
If you experience blisters or are not 100% satisfied with the performance of our product, simply return the socks with the original sales receipt and proof of purchase for your money back or a sock replacement of another style. Send returns to: Wrightenberry Mills, Inc., 910 Cleveland Avenue, Burlington, NC 27217.

Where can I buy Wrightsock™ products?
You can purchase our Double Layer® socks on this site, on Amazon, or at specialty outdoor retailers across the US and internationally.

Are there special washing instructions for my Wrightsock™ performance socks?
You can machine wash your socks inside out in warm water with a non-bleach detergent. Do not use bleach or a liquid fabric softener. Tumble dry with no heat. However, because of the quick wicking fabric, you always have the option of air drying your socks instead. Too much heat in the laundering process will cause the fibers to shrink.

Are Wrightsock™ products made overseas?
No. They are American made. Since 1948, our socks have been manufactured in the USA at the Wrightenberry Hosiery Mill in Burlington, NC. We are a third-generation family owned company focusing on sock manufacturing.

What size sock should I buy?
Here is a size chart that uses your shoe size.



Adult sock sizing chart.


Kids sock sizing chart.


How tall are your socks?
Our crew length socks generally come to the bottom of your calf muscle. Our quarter length style will rest just above the ankle bone. Our lo quarter length socks will rest just on or below the ankle bone. Our tab style is the lowest cut and generally sits just above the top of a running shoe profile. It features an extended heel tab to avoid Achilles rub.

Will your socks slip in my shoes?
All socks will slip down in your shoes if the sock is too small for your foot. To help ensure you have the right size, a YHeel gore can be found in the heel pocket of each sock. This YHeel gore must be positioned to point to the back corner of the heel. If the YHeel gore is pointing under the heel, the socks are too short, and the result will be socks that slip down into your shoes.

How long will my socks last?
Of course, it is impossible to know the exact life span of socks. However, we do recommend replacing your socks every time you replace your running shoes. Running shoes last approximately 300-500 miles. Light hiking cushioned socks should be replaced every new season.



CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Blue Green.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Royal Orange.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Pink Plum.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, White.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Black.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Grey.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Light Grey.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Ash Turquoise.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Royal Blue.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Sea Blue Navy.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Lemon Lime.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Light Grey White.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Black Marl.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Khaki Twist.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Ash Twist.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Khaki.

Coolmesh II Quarter Anti Blister System

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The Coolmesh™ll is our #1 selling sock worldwide!  It’s the most breathable lightweight Double Layer sock and is designed for a minimal feel. Ideal as running socks, walking socks, or light hiking socks, the Wrightsock Coolmesh II Quarter Socks work to prevent blisters while remaining one of the most lightweight and breathable socks on the market. The Coolmesh™ll are great travel socks that dry quickly and are ready for use the next morning. So whether you are hiking a new mountain, running a new route, or walking through a new city, Coolmesh™ll socks will keep you dry and blister-free all day long. 

*Sock are made in the USA. Free First Class shipping within the US

Double Layer

Breathable Sock Features

  • Mesh panel for enhanced air flow and cooler feet creating breathable socks you can comfortably wear all day
  • Recycled Polyester performance fibers improve moisture management and increased durability creating socks that will last
  • Stabilizer Zone™ in arch locks sock in place to reduce socks slipping throughout the day
  • Styles and colors for all tastes 
  • Blister-Free socks - No Blisters, Guaranteed!

Fiber Content

Inner Layer: 70% Recycled Polyester, 26% Nylon, 4% Lycra®
Outer Layer: 71% Recycled Polyester, 24% Nylon, 5% Lycra®

Wrightsock - adult sock size chart