Wrightsock Guarantee

100% Satisfaction

Wrightsock offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products performance you can return it and request a refund or an exchange at no extra cost to you, with proof of purchase.

Wrightsock does not guarantee products that are damaged by outside influences i.e.

  • Socks lost in the dryer
  • Sock turned dog chew toy
  • Products intentionally damaged
  • Or otherwise lost or damaged outside of the products intended use

Anti Blister System Guarantee

(Double Layer Guarantee)

Wrightsock is proud to be the industry standard for blister protection, meaning if you do suffer from blisters on your feet while using our Double Layer products, we will issue either a full refund or an exchange for your order upon proof of purchase.

Please be aware that Wrightsock is not designed to protect against blister that occur between your toes, only the parts of your feet and legs in direct contact with the sock are protected by the Wrightsock Anti Blister System.