Kids Coolmesh


    Are your kids always getting blisters on their feet? Wrightsock’s Kids Coolmesh Double Layer Socks can help. Like our adult Double Layer products, these anti-blister socks for kids feature a lightweight design that will keep your child’s feet dry, cool, and friction-free. Instead of having to worry about your kids suffering from blisters while exercising, you can rest easy knowing our kids anti-blister socks are protecting your children’s feet. 

    How Do Wrightsock’s Kids Anti-Blister Socks Stop Blisters?

    If you’re wondering how our Kids Coolmesh Double Layer socks prevent blisters, it all comes down to their double-layer design and why blisters form in the first place. For instance, the three main causes of blisters are heat, moisture, and friction. Our anti-blister socks for kids target these three main causes with their unique double-layer design.

    Since moisture softens skin and increases the risk of blisters, we designed our Double Layer socks with an inner sock made out of an undyed, hydrophobic yard that acts as a protective layer and wicks moisture away from feet. This inner layer’s moisture-wicking ability also reduces excess heat. Finally, our kids anti-blister sock’s outer layer interacts with the inner layer to prevent friction. As a result, your children can spend more time playing outdoors without you worrying about them developing blisters.

    Alongside the double-layer design, our Coolmesh socks are made out of high-performance sports fabric featuring multifilament technology and incredible breathability. Due to our unique double-layer design and use of Coolmesh fabric, we’re proud to offer an anti-blister system guarantee for our  Kids Double Layer Coolmesh Socks.

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    As you search for the perfect pair of Cooolmesh socks for your child, browse our selection of anti-blister socks for kids below. After purchasing our socks, you can let your little ones run, bike, or hike in the World's Best kids socks ever! Our socks also come in four sizes and most colors and styles. If you have any questions about our socks or the products, please contact us.

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