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Wool Socks


    If you’re looking for a pair of breathable and temperature-regulating socks, you’ll want to browse our selection of anti-blister wool socks. Whether you want a pair for hiking, winter runs, training, or weightlifting, you can find a pair of double-layer wool socks perfect for your personal style, size, and preferred activity.

    What Are the Benefits of Wrightsock’s Anti-Blister Wool Socks?

    As one of the best technical fibers known to man, Merino Wool is an incredible material for socks, as it wicks moisture and stays odor free. Alongside the exceptional material our wool socks are made out of, they feature anti-blister technology, come in multiple styles, and are backed with our anti-blister guarantee. Learn more about the benefits of our anti-blister Wool Socks below:

    • Anti-blister design: At Wrightsock, we’re proud to offer Wool Socks featuring our patented Double Layer technology. This unique double-layer design eliminates friction created by foot shear, wicks away moisture from your feet, and reduces heat. Since the socks protect wearers from the three main causes of blisters (friction, heat, and excessive moisture), they stop blisters in their tracks and keep your feet blister-free.
    • Multiple styles, heights, and sizes: Our anti-blister wool socks also come in multiple styles and sizes, making it easy to find a pair perfect for your favorite activities. For example, our Coolmesh wool socks are lightweight and great for trail running, while our Winter Run socks are designed for running in cold conditions. If you need socks for backpacking, you can also trust our wool hiker socks to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our wool socks also come in multiple sizes, heights, and colors to ensure you can find a pair right for your needs and style. 
    • Backed by our anti-blister guarantee: We’re so confident in our double-layer wool socks’ anti-blister performance that we offer an anti-blister system guarantee. This guarantee means we’ll refund the full cost of your socks if you get a blister on your feet while wearing them. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our socks. If our socks don’t meet your needs, you can return them and receive a refund.

    Browse Our Selection of Anti-Blister Wool Socks Today

    As you look for the perfect pair of anti-blister wool socks, take a moment to browse through our inventory below. If you have any questions about our double-layer wool socks, please contact us.