Wrightsock is dedicated to being among one of the first brands in our industry to holding sustainability as a true core value to our company! All Wrightsock products are made using sustainable recycled textiles that are less energy intensive than traditional textiles. These recycled materials allow manufactures to minimize our impact on the environment, by replacing "virgin textiles" or traditional textiles that require longer supply chains and new resources placed into the environment. Instead of using new polyester, Wrightsock proudly uses Repreve's recycled polyester to reduce our environmental impact, working towards a more sustainable future.

Recycled Polyester


REPREVE polyester takes plastic waste, specifically plastic bottles, melts them down and repurposes them into usable textile material, keeping that waste out of our oceans and prolonging the use of otherwise one time use plastic bottles. REPREVE is an industry leader in sustainability and Wrightsock is proud to work alongside others that place value on our environment. Currently REPREVE has recycled over
25 BILLION plastic bottles.


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Merino Wool

Wool is another sustainable textile that Wrightsock uses in our pursuit of a cleaner environment. Wool, while commonly used, is often overlooked as a sustainable option, especially within the performance field and often for good reason as it can cause irritation to the areas where it comes in contact with skin however, it can be a beneficial material in terms of temperature regulation, wicking away water, and of course its sustainability and combined with Wrightsocks double layer system you get all of the benefits of wool with less impact from wools drawbacks. Since your foot is only touching the inner layer of polyester while the outer wool layer works to regulate the temperature and further remove water away from your feet.

What Happened to the ECO Collection?

Wrightsock has carried an ECO collection since our launch of using recycled polyester in 2020 when we committed to an entire collection of Eco-friendly products. You may notice that Wrightsock no longer has a dedicated ECO collection, that's because our entire product line is now made from this sustainable ECO material. We may no longer call the ECO Run, ECO anymore but it still uses the same material and still uses the same process that helps reduce our carbon footprint, the name is just a bit different.

Future Sustainability

Wrightsock is continually searching and adding new ways to become a more sustainable company. We anually conduct studies on our carbon footprint so we know what needs to be improved upon. If you would like more information please email us at

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