American Made

American Made since 1948

Wrightsock has been made in the USA since 1948, well before we were known as Wrightsock. A small family-owned business located in Burlington, North Carolina; Wrightsock is a third-generation family-owned Incorporation. All employees and staff are residents of Burlington and the surrounding towns. Another point of pride in our product is that well over 90% of the material used to create our products are manufactured here in the United States as well.

American Supplied Material

Our base material is Unifi's Repreve® recycled polyester produced in Greensboro, NC; and our Merino Wool is created in Pickens, South Carolina by KentWool Yarns®. We strive to use American material for all our products, so you know at the end of the day any Wrightsock you pick up is American made through and through.