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Lightweight Socks


    View our collection of Lightweight socks. If you like thin socks for fast drying or do not need the extra cushion, these are the socks for you. Lightweight socks are perfect for runners and hikers who will be going outdoors in warmer temperatures. They're also ideal for cyclists and athletes who have to fit into snug pairs of cycling shoes or cleats.

    Are you looking for lightweight anti-blister socks? Our double-layer socks below are guaranteed to prevent blisters. But wait, how can lightweight socks prevent blisters? It all comes down to our special double-layer technology. Double-layer socks wick away extra moisture that leads to blisters. And, as an added bonus, lightweight anti-blister socks give you all the anti-blister protection without any uncomfortable heat or extra fabric. Our CoolMesh II are some of our most popular blister-proof socks, and they come in an assortment of styles and sizes, including Lo Quarter and Over-the-Calf Merino Wool versions.

    Are you looking for a no-sock feel? Then our single-layer socks are the best choice for you! Our Ultra Thin socks ensure nothing is getting between you and the trail, road, or field! If you have any questions about our lightweight socks, feel free to reach out to us!

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