Max Cushion


    View our collection of Max Cushion Anti-Blister Double Layer socks. These socks can see you through your long runs, through hikes, and any long day on your feet. We stand behind our No Blister Guarantee 100% and these Max Cushion options ensure you're comfortable to boot.

    Max Cushion socks are the perfect choice when you know you have a rigorous hike through the mountains or other rough terrain. Don’t let colder temperatures keep you from enjoying the great outdoors! Anti-blister wool socks like our Merino Extreme Crew Anti-Blister System will help keep your feet protected from blisters and colder temperatures. They’re also a great choice for skiers and snowboarders!

    Looking for the ideal pair of work socks? Max Cushion anti-blister socks are perfect for intense work, and they’re guaranteed to hold up to the challenges of even the most strenuous jobs.

    Planning a hunting trip in cooler temperatures? Worry no more about the blisters that often come from rubber hunting boots. These Double-Layer socks are also quick-dry, so wet weather won’t ruin your trip.

    Do you have questions about our Max Cushion anti-blister socks? Reach out to us today or check out our blog to learn even more about Wrightsock’s no-blister socks.
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