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    If you’re looking for kids socks that protect your children from blisters and provide high-quality performance, you’ll want to try Wrightsock’s Kids Escape line of socks. These unique anti-blister socks for kids give your children enhanced blister protection and come in multiple styles. Whether you want kids double-layer hiking socks, skiing socks, or sports socks, our Kids Escape socks will provide the blister protection your kids need to have fun without suffering from blisters afterward.

    What Are the Benefits of Wrightsock’s Anti-Blister Kids Escape Socks?

    When you want to share the same high performance of your lightly cushioned Double Layer outdoor design socks with your kids, our Kids Escape socks are a great pick. With these socks, you can expect your child’s feet to stay dry, cool, and blister-free. Learn more about the benefits of our anti-blister Kids Escape socks below:

    • Anti-blister design: When you select a pair of our Kids Escape socks, you can expect them to protect your children from blisters due to our patented Double Layer technology. This double-layer design targets the three main causes of blisters and hotspots—friction, heat, and excessive moisture—to stop blisters from forming in the first place. When your children wear these socks, the inner layer of the sock will wick away moisture from the foot and reduce heat, while the outer layer will eliminate friction.
    • Multiple styles and sizes: We know kids can be picky about the type of clothes they like to wear, so we offer our Kids Escape socks in multiple styles. As a result, you can purchase a pair of socks your kids will actually love. Our socks also come in four sizes to ensure you can always find a well-fitting pair. Additionally, the socks are made with recycled polyester yarns, increasing their durability and improving their moisture management. 
    • Backed by our anti-blister guarantee: Since we’re dedicated to giving our customers the best experience possible, our Kids Escape socks feature an anti-blister system guarantee. If your children develop blisters on their feet while wearing our socks, our anti-blister system guarantee allows you to receive a full refund. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee also means you can receive a refund if our socks don’t meet your expectations.

    Browse Our Selection of Anti-Blister Socks for Kids Today

    As you look for a durable and comfortable pair of kids anti-blister socks, take a moment to browse through our inventory of Kids Escape socks below. Due to their excellent anti-blister design, our Escape line of socks can serve as kids skiing socks, sports socks, hiking socks, or running socks. If you have any questions about our double-layer Kids Escape socks, please contact us.

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