Holiday Selections

Holiday Selections


    If you're in a festive mood and want your feet to match it, try out Wrightsock holiday options perfect for Christmas in July, Turkey Trot Tuesdays, and more. Our holiday socks set themselves apart from the competition by coming in double-layer styles that will protect you from blisters and hold up over the long haul.

    What Are the Benefits of Wrightsock’s Holiday Socks?

    When you’re considering purchasing holiday socks as a gift or for yourself, learn more about the top benefits of our holiday socks below:

    • Anti-Blister design: All of our double-layer holiday socks feature an anti-blister design to protect your feet from blisters. Our patented Double Layer technology prevents blisters by eliminating friction, reducing heating, and wicking away moisture. Since heat, friction, and excess moisture are the three main causes of blisters, our socks’ design neutralizes the conditions that lead to blisters. As a result, you can wear our socks on long walks, hikes, and runs without worrying about painful blisters.
    • Options for many holidays: Whether you love showing your patriotism on the Fourth of July or want to get into the spirit of the Christmas season, we have a pair of socks from you. With our selection of Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day socks, we’re confident you can find a pair of socks perfect to wear during the holidays or give as a gift to a friend or loved one. Additionally, they come in multiple sizes and heights to ensure you’ll find a pair you’ll love.
    • Anti-blister and satisfaction guarantees: Unlike other holiday socks that aren’t made to last, you can trust our holiday socks to give you excellent performance for many years. If you purchase a pair of double-layer holiday socks, you’ll receive our blister-free guarantee, where we’ll provide a full refund if you get a blister while wearing our double-layer them. Both our single-layer and double-layer socks also feature a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning we’ll give you a refund or an exchange at no cost if our socks don’t meet your expectations.

    Browse Our Selection of Anti-Blister Holiday Socks Today

    As you search for a great pair of blister-free holiday socks, take a moment to browse through our inventory of single and double-layer holiday socks below. If you have any questions about our holiday socks, please contact us.