Our Mission and Core Values


We aspire to be the industry's first brand in sustainable design, a company that values and preserves the natural surroundings. We are dedicated to safeguarding nature, the wellness and health of our staff members, consumers, and the neighbourhoods in which we conduct business.

The cornerstone of our organization is founded on our ideals, which define us and steer our operations. Accordingly, we operate in a socially and ethically responsible manner, consistently abiding by the law, advocating human dignity, and safeguarding the environment.

As a corporate citizen, our organization endeavours to deliver the greatest experience for the customer, do no damage, and utilize entrepreneurship to stimulate and execute sustainability solutions. Customers, staff members, shareholders, and communities trust us because we give back to humanity in many little but impactful ways.

Our decision making is guided by the reality that we are at a pivotal moment in our planet's life cycle, with new opportunities to take the lead in developing sustainable materials that outperform and wear better than conventional materials. In our spirited effort to heal the planet and mitigate the looming climate change scare, we use 70% post-consumer recycled plastics in our entire product line.

No One Performs their Best with Blisters.


Wrightsock's Core Values


  • Sense of identity – Our organizational culture highlights a stable sense of identity by making it possible for all stakeholders to see themselves as the same players in the past, present, and future
  • Empathy – We take every opportunity to recognize and comprehend the wants, needs, and perspectives of everyone around us so that we can respond effectively in any scenario.
  • Commitment to social justice and equity - In the spirit of social justice, we give prominence to: a) greater equality of access to goods and services; b) overcoming unfairness caused by unequal access to economic resources; c) equal effective legal, industrial and political rights; and d) expanded opportunities for real participation in the decisions which govern people’s lives.
  • Value and respect for diversity - Because we invite input from others with different experiences and backgrounds, our conversations find common ground in an area that it does not offend cultural sensibilities.
  • Commitment To Sustainable Development And Concern For The Environment – In alignment with various sustainable development goals (SDGs), we are committed to reducing waste of resources, using environmentally friendly new products and supporting government's adaptation strategies.
  • Creativity – Our teams are driven by the quest for ground-breaking ideas, setting higher goals and finding effective ways to fulfil them.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Blue Green.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Royal Orange.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Pink Plum.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, White.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Black.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Grey.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Light Grey.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Ash Turquoise.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Royal Blue.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Sea Blue Navy.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Lemon Lime.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Light Grey White.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Black Marl.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Khaki Twist.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Ash Twist.
CoolMesh Two, Double Layer, Quarter, Khaki.

Coolmesh II Quarter Anti Blister System

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The Coolmesh™ll is our #1 selling sock worldwide!  It’s the most breathable lightweight Double Layer sock and is designed for a minimal feel. Ideal as running socks, walking socks, or light hiking socks, the Wrightsock Coolmesh II Quarter Socks work to prevent blisters while remaining one of the most lightweight and breathable socks on the market. The Coolmesh™ll are great travel socks that dry quickly and are ready for use the next morning. So whether you are hiking a new mountain, running a new route, or walking through a new city, Coolmesh™ll socks will keep you dry and blister-free all day long. 

*Sock are made in the USA. Free First Class shipping within the US

Double Layer

Breathable Sock Features

  • Mesh panel for enhanced air flow and cooler feet creating breathable socks you can comfortably wear all day
  • Recycled Polyester performance fibers improve moisture management and increased durability creating socks that will last
  • Stabilizer Zone™ in arch locks sock in place to reduce socks slipping throughout the day
  • Styles and colors for all tastes 
  • Blister-Free socks - No Blisters, Guaranteed!

Fiber Content

Inner Layer: 70% Recycled Polyester, 26% Nylon, 4% Lycra®
Outer Layer: 71% Recycled Polyester, 24% Nylon, 5% Lycra®

Wrightsock - adult sock size chart