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    Wrightsock’s hiking socks are the perfect way to avoid getting blisters on the trail! Hikers know how blisters can derail an otherwise wonderful hike. The best protection against hiking blisters is to prevent the conditions that allow them to form in the first place. And with Wrightsock’s Dual-Layer Technology—you can count on just that. Check out our Adventure, Endurance, Coolmesh II, Escape, and other hiking socks guaranteed to keep your feet dry, cool, and well-protected while you experience the great outdoors.

    With natural fiber and synthetic options available, our blister-free socks are your best choice to avoid blisters and hot spots.  Our Double Layer technology will ensure your comfort whether you are circumnavigating Mont Blanc, through hiking the Appalachian Trail, going for a FKT on the Oregon Trail, exploring the South Pole, or a weekend jaunt on the local trails.  We stand behind our No Blister Guarantee 100%. Anti Blister socks is what Wrightsock does!

    Wrightsock offers the right blister-proof hiking socks for you, whether you’ll be outdoors in hot or cold weather. Those looking for colder-weather socks should try our wool hiking socks or any of our crew-cut-length anti-blister socks. If you’re hiking in warmer weather, our quarter-length socks offer the same level of anti-blister protection.

    Those looking for blister-free socks made from natural materials should look into our Merino Wool collection. Merino wool offers the perfect blend of high-performance materials and environmental-friendliness. However, even our hiking socks made from synthetic options help support sustainability efforts. With many of our blister-proof socks made from Repreve Recycled Polyester, Wrightsock helps protect both your feet and the earth beneath them.  

    Do you have any questions? Contact us or head to our FAQ page to find the answers to our most-commonly-asked customer questions. As an American-made, family-owned business, we appreciate you for choosing Wrightsock!

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