Escape Discontinued


    Our recently discontinued line of Escape socks offers versatile performance with a great fit and feel. These lightly cushioned socks feature hidden terry loops from heel to toe for all-day comfort while hiking the trails, walking the dog, or working in the office.

    What Are the Benefits of Wrightsock’s Escape Socks?

    As you try to decide if our Escape line of socks is right for your needs, review the main benefits of our discount blister-proof socks below:

    • Discounted high-performance socks: Since we’ve discontinued our Escape line of socks, we’re selling them at a discounted price! Though we’ve moved on to a new generation of double-layer socks, you can still expect our Escape and Silver Escape socks to deliver exceptional double-layer performance. Their discounted price also means you can more easily stock up on a pair for every day of the week.
    • Anti-blister design: Our discontinued Escape and Silver Escape socks feature a double-layer design that blocks blisters in their tracks. With moisture-wicking, heat-reduction, and friction-elimination features, these discount blister-proof socks stop the three main causes of blisters—heat, moisture, and friction. Due to these features, you can expect them to protect your feet on hikes, runs, walks, and a variety of other activities. These dual-layer socks also come in various sizes to ensure they meet your needs.
    • Anti-blister and satisfaction guarantees: Our double-layer Escape and Silver Escape line of socks feature an anti-blister system guarantee. With this guarantee in your corner, you can receive a full refund if your feet get a blister while you wear these discount blister-free socks. Additionally, our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can exchange them at no cost or receive a full refund if they don’t match your expectations.

    Browse Our Selection of Discount Blister-Proof Escape Socks Today

    While you search for a great pair of discount blister-free socks at an even better price, take a moment to browse through our inventory of discontinued Escape socks below. Keep in mind these dual-layer socks are only available as long as supplies last, so make sure to get your pair as soon as possible! If you have any questions about our double-layer wool socks, please contact us.

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