Coolmesh II Discontinued


    The CoolMesh™ ll is our #1 selling style worldwide! It’s the most breathable, lightweight, double-layer, anti-blister sock available today. These socks are also designed for a minimal feel, making them great running socks, walking socks, or light hiking socks. They’re also exceptional anti-blister travel socks that dry quickly and are ready for use the next morning.

    What Are the Benefits of Wrightsock’s CoolMesh II Socks?

    While we offer plenty of other CoolMesh II socks, we’ve decided to discontinue our CoolMesh II Tab Anti Blister System and Coolmesh II Crew Anti Blister System socks. These discount anti-blister socks offer the following benefits:

    • Double-layer design: Our lightweight CoolMesh II socks feature moisture-wicking, friction-elimination, and heat-reducing qualities. By taking aim at the three main causes of blisters—heat, moisture, and friction—these double-layer socks offer superior blister protection. Their double-layer design also makes them perfect running socks for men and women.
    • Discounted anti-blister running socks: Our discontinued CoolMesh II socks offer the exceptional performance you’ve come to expect from our CoolMesh II line at an even better price. With these discount anti-blister socks, you’ll receive greater protection from blisters, and due to their discounted price, you can more easily stock up on running socks for women and men! Keep in mind that we’re not producing these socks anymore, so grab a pair while supplies last. 
    • Anti-blister and satisfaction guarantees: Our double-layer CoolMesh II line of socks comes with our anti-blister system guarantee. If you get a blister while wearing them, we’ll refund their full price to you. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, where you can receive a refund or exchange your socks for another pair if they don’t meet your expectations.
    • Suited for multiple activities: Whether you’re looking for running, walking, or biking socks for men and women, our CoolMesh II socks are a great choice. When you want a [pair at crew or tab height, these discount anti-blister socks have you covered. You can also find them in multiple sizes, making it simple to find a pair that works for you.

    Browse Our Selection of Coolmesh II Socks Today

    As you try to find a pair of high-performance discount blister-free socks at an exceptional price, our selection of discontinued Coolmesh II socks below has you covered. If you have any questions about our double-layer socks, please contact us.

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