Why You Need a Pair of Travel Socks

With COVID restrictions easing up and with all our postponed trips at last getting rescheduled, travel has become more popular than it has in years. But all that time off has meant many travelers have forgotten some of the most important items to pack on a trip. Along with your toothbrush and comfortable pair of shoes, travel socks remain an essential item for anyone taking a trip away from home. 

Here’s why.

1) Blisters Can Derail an Entire Trip

Whether you’re vacationing or on a work trip, blisters can ruin a travel experience. The last thing you want when taking a much-deserved vacation or interviewing for a new job are distracting blisters that make every step a painful ordeal. Traveling with blisters can be especially difficult since there’s no simple way to stay off your feet—there’s always new places to go! And even if you’re traveling by plane, airport terminals can mean plenty of walking... or running, if your connecting flights have a short turnaround. In other words, don’t forget to pack your pair of blister-free travel socks!

2) Travel Means Unpredictable Weather

Since blisters are often caused by excess moisture in your shoes, it’s important to be aware of any rainy conditions you’ll encounter while traveling. Of course, that’s easier said than done—you can check the weather in your current city and final destination, but can you really check all the weather you’ll encounter between the two? Remember that even plane travel may result in unexpected layovers in surprising cities.

As always, the best defense is good preparation. A spare pair, or two, of good travel socks should be checked in a carry-on or packed in your car’s travel bag. You can even stow a spare pair in a car’s glove box, in case of a surprise shower!

For more information on the scientific causes behind blisters, check out our blog post here.

3) Travel is Always Stressful, but Travel Socks Can Help

Let’s be frank: stressed people mean sweaty people. Sweaty people mean sweaty feet, and any increased moisture in your socks means increased potential for painful blisters. Anti-blister travel socks are ideal since they’re designed to reduce hot spots where sweat along the feet is likely to accumulate. They’re made with breathable materials, and many of those you’ll find at Wrightsock have double-layer technology which absorbs friction between your foot and shoe, keeping feet dry and preventing blisters from ever forming.

4) Travel Means Being Close to Other People

Now, we’re talking smell. Sweaty feet means smelly feet, and that’s the last thing you want when packed beside others in a car, a bus, or an airplane. Trust us, if you’ve ever been on a cross-country flight beside someone with smelly feet, you understand the importance of a fresh pair of socks.

Since travel socks help prevent heat and moisture, they prevent sweat. Sweat itself, surprisingly, is odorless—what makes those unpleasant foot odors is actually the bacteria that feeds upon our sweat, producing those unwanted and unpleasant smells. So, next time you catch a whiff of your own body odor, take comfort knowing that it isn’t you, it’s just the millions of bacteria covering you, feeding on your sweat, and rapidly multiplying. . . . In other words, you’ll probably be thankful for a pair of travel socks that keeps any body odors to a minimum. Needless to say, your travel companions will be thankful, too.

5) Anti-blister Travel Socks Avoid the Problems Caused by Low-Quality Materials

Don’t underestimate the negative impact that low-quality socks can have on your comfort. Too often, we hear of travelers who invest in high quality, breathable shoes, only to lose those benefits because of poorly-made socks that keep their feet hot, wet, and uncomfortable. While some will blame their shoes for the condition their feet are in, the reality is that the socks are the problem.

Pair your quality shoes with quality socks, and you’ll find that you’ll be far more comfortable and your shoes will last longer. After all, it’s also important to keep in mind that hot and sweaty feet wear out quality shoes far quicker, especially when you’re walking awkwardly to avoid hurting the blisters on your toes.

6) Comfort is Necessary for You to Be Your Best Self

For work, vacation, or wherever you’re planning on heading to, good travel socks are a necessity, but it’s just as important to make sure you’re getting the right kind. Some travel sock brands coat their socks with a sticky material. The idea is that the material will help prevent your foot from moving too much in the shoe in order to prevent blisters. But the reality is that those sticky socks are uncomfortable. Feet are meant to move a little bit in shoes anyway, so it’s not even the best approach to take when you’re factoring comfort or effectiveness. Other brands use compression-based technology to limit movement in the shoe, but that can also result in a lack of circulation for your feet.

Wrightsock’s Double-layer technology prioritizes comfort and allows your feet to perform the natural movements they require inside your shoes. By reducing friction, they prevent blisters from forming, and they’re made with breathable materials that prevent sweat and all the other unwanted implications that sweaty feet entail. They won’t cut off circulation to your feet, and they don’t use sticky materials and chemicals. Wrightsock’s anti-blister travel socks will leave you feeling comfortable for anything your travel requires of you.