Why Buying USA-Made Socks Matters

Socks are a part of your wardrobe that doesn’t change with the seasons. When thinking about a product you’ll be wearing every day for the most part, no matter the weather, it is important to consider where that product is coming from. As you consider purchasing a new pair of running, hiking, cycling, or leisure socks, find out more about the top four reasons why buying USA-made socks is a great choice.

1. Increased Job Creation and Boosted Local Economies

When you buy USA-made socks, you are investing in one of your fellow citizens’ livelihoods. An American in an American town worked to make those socks, meaning you’re helping to keep roofs over fellow Americans’ heads and food on their tables.

Buying American-made products also helps stimulate local economies. If you’re investing in an American business, the town or city where it is located will bring in more revenue, revenue that will be redistributed into the local economy. This redistribution of revenue leads to more investments in the city and further job opportunities for workers in the area.

2. Reduced Environmental Impact

It may seem obvious, but if you buy something made in another country, it has to travel all the way from there to get to you. This need to transport the socks over the ocean means the socks will be transported on something like a cargo plane or a shipping container on a massive boat. Cargo ships alone produce 3% of the world’s greenhouse gasses. That’s more than planes! 

When you buy socks made in the USA, the distance they’ll have to travel is often significantly shorter. This shorter distance drastically reduces the amount of emissions produced before the socks get to your door. The materials used for USA-made socks are also usually more sustainable. For example, many socks can be made with sustainable recycled textiles, such as recycled polyester, to reduce environmental impacts. Unlike international manufacturers, you can often easily check if U.S.-based sock manufacturers use sustainable textiles before you make a purchase.

  1. Better Labor Practices

American companies are required to uphold U.S. Labor Laws. This requirement to treat workers fairly may not be the case in products produced in other countries without strict labor policies. Practices like child labor or other OSHA violations can’t be regulated with goods produced outside the United States.

Ethical consumption is important in a world that is becoming increasingly globalized. The phrase “vote with your wallet” is very real, and when you buy from a manufacturer based in the U.S., you can rest easy knowing that the workers involved in the production of your new socks were treated fairly and with respect. 

4. Higher-Quality and Longer-Lasting Socks

When you’re looking for socks, you need a high level of quality and craftsmanship. America has a long and rich tradition when it comes to manufacturing. From the automotive production of the mid-20th century to the footballs used in the NFL on Sundays, there is a certain standard that one expects when they see an item that has “Made In The USA” stamped on it. 

Since you don’t want your socks to suddenly tear while you’re out on a long run and leave you with a blister, an American-made pair of socks is a must-have. When you choose USA-made socks, it’s far more likely your socks were made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, meaning they’ll last longer and better protect your feet.

Does Wrightsock Make All Their Double-Layer Socks in the USA?

At Wrightsock, we’re proud to say that our socks have been made in the USA since 1948, and we don’t plan to ever quit crafting our socks in the U.S. We also use sustainable textiles from US-based companies, such as wool made by Kentwool Yarns in South Carolina and recycled polyester made by Repreve. Wrightsock is proud to say that over 90% of our materials are American-made, and we’re actively looking for more ways to make our products as sustainable as possible. 

Alongside making our socks with sustainable textiles, our craftsmanship is unmatched, meaning you can expect any socks you purchase from us to last for a long time and protect your feet from blisters. We stand by our product and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Wrightsock: Double-Layer Socks Proudly Made In America

Whether you need socks for running, hiking, hunting, or taking the vacation of your dreams, Wrightsock has the perfect sock for you. Our double-layer socks target friction, heat, and moisture to neutralize the main causes of blisters. Due to our confidence in our socks’ anti-blister performance, all of our double-layer socks are backed by our No Blister Guarantee. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s a Wrightsock for the situation.

Review our selection of double-layer socks, and learn more about our commitment to making our socks in America today. If you have any questions or want help choosing a pair, please contact us.