Which Socks Can Prevent Cleat Blisters?

Blister-free socks are a necessity for athletes playing soccer, baseball, football, softball, and a variety of other sports since the game begins with your feet. As any athlete knows, blisters can make gametime a painful experience and even hinder your performance. Preventing blisters is key if you’re going to play at the top of your game, and the first step for blister prevention is to ensure you’re equipped with adequate footwear. 

Sport blisters are formed from a combination of excess moisture and friction, so it’s vital you get a pair of well-fitting cleats along with some anti-blister socks. While some athletes may splurge on an expensive pair of well-fitted athletic cleats, they won’t do you much good unless you also wear the right socks. But what makes a blister-proof sock different from other kinds? 

The Essential Qualities of Blister-Free Socks 

Thin, Breathable Fabric

Excessively thick socks will lead to a build-up of heat – which means more sweat and a propensity for blisters to form. Also, thick socks can ruin an otherwise perfectly-fitted pair of cleats due to the importance of athletes wearing shoes that fit as snugly as possible without being undersized. 

The best anti-blister socks are made of thin but strong materials that protect the high friction areas of your feet without suffocating them in thick fabric. Blister-proof socks like Wrightsock’s Coolmesh II fit the bill. The thin double-layer socks are perfect in snug-fitting cleats and running shoes, and they’ll keep your feet cool and dry.

Moisture Wicking

Let’s be honest: as an athlete, you’ll be dealing with sweat no matter what. So, when it comes to the best blister-proof socks, you’ll need a product that will wick sweat away. Not every sock is made from materials that naturally wick sweat, so it’s one of the most important qualities you need to identify when you’re picking the right anti-blister socks.

For example, Wrightsock’s Coolmesh II use Repreve Polyester performance fibers and other materials that wick away the sweat that builds up during the course of a game.

Quarter Ankle Blister Proof Sock Protection

While there are many hiking socks out there made of blister-free materials, many ankle or low-quarter athletic socks on the market don’t often have that same benefit. In fact, many athletic socks you’ll find in stores are 100% cotton, which is a soft but absorbent material. Due to the absorbency of the material, socks with 100% cotton are the last thing you want if you’re trying to avoid blisters. 

Hiking socks often use a better combination of materials, but what athletes would want to wear a long pair of hiking socks when they’re playing a game? Yikes! Fortunately, socks like Wrightsock’s Coolmesh II come in low rise and are made of the best, balanced combinations of blister-resistant materials.

Strong, Long-Lasting Materials Support Wrightsock’s No Blister Socks

You don’t have time to switch your socks out in the middle of a game, and any holes in your socks will essentially guarantee a blister by the end of the match. That means you need strong materials you can count on to withstand the planting, cutting, and sprinting you’ll be putting your feet through. Fortunately, that’s what we offer here at Wrightsock. We pride ourselves on our high-quality materials to ensure your feet are taken care of for your next game and all the ones to come.  

Take a moment to browse our selection of lightweight socks today. For any cross-sport athletes looking for more information about proper athletic foot care, check out our blogs on the best cycling socks and track and field socks!