Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Hikers and Runners

With Valentine’s Day coming soon, you might still be looking for the perfect gift for your partner. If they’re into hiking or running, you can wow them this year by giving them a present made to support their passion for the outdoors and exercise. We’ve put together a few ideas for some of the best Valentine’s Day presents for hikers and runners to make your shopping experience easy. Check out our top gift ideas below:

1. National Park Pass

There’s nothing better for an avid hiker or backpacker than an annual pass to our national parks. With an annual pass, your Valentine can visit any of the over 2,000 recreation areas throughout the United States. To really make this gift memorable, buy a pass for yourself as well, and plan a couple’s road trip to the parks they want to visit most. Here is a guide to enjoying the national parks responsibly during COVID-19.

2. A Cookbook Designed for Runners

If your significant other loves food and running, a cookbook designed to help runners is an excellent gift. Since a runner’s nutrition can impact their performance, recovery, and overall energy levels, a cookbook with various recipes for what to eat before and after a run can take a runner to the next level. You can even use the cookbook to have fun with your partner, using it for cooking meals and discovering your favorite recipes together.

3. New Hiking Boots or Running Shoes

Another good idea for the hiker or runner in your life is a new pair of running shoes or hiking boots. Since footwear is one of the most important factors in a runner or hiker’s comfortability and performance, new boots or shoes are an evergreen gift for any special occasion. Just make sure you know their size before you buy!

4. Double Sleeping Bag

Gone are the days of trying to zip two sleeping bags together so you can get cozier with your Valentine. You can find plenty of double sleeping bags available today that comfortably sleep two. While these sleeping bags can make hiking more romantic, they’re also practical, as you’ll have your partner’s body heat to keep you warm on cold nights.

5. Silicone Wedding Rings

If you’re married or engaged, a silicone wedding ring can be a great gift. Since metal rings can be uncomfortable while you exercise and could potentially come off, a silicone wedding ring gives your partner an alternative to wear while they’re out being active. These rings come in plenty of attractive designs, are much less expensive than metal rings, and can be comfortably worn while on the trail or during a workout.

6. Self-Massager for Runners

Part of running recovery is massaging tight muscles. A self massager, such as a foam roller or portable massage gun, makes it easy for runners to recover and relax after a long run. Though your partner can use a self-messager themselves, take the opportunity to bathe them in luxury by giving them a massage yourself. They’ll love the opportunity to relax, and a great massager will save your hands the pain of trying to release their toughest knots. 

7. Blister-Free Hiking or Running Socks

Whether your Valentine is a runner or a hiker, a new pair of anti-blister socks is a great choice. Nothing kills the mood during and after a long hike or run quite like blisters. With socks designed for blister relief, you’ll ensure your partner stays comfortable and can be as active as they want without the pain of blisters holding them back.

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