The Best Summer Hiking Socks in 2023

The summer months are approaching, which means it’s time to get ready for camping and hiking trips. But while summer might be a pleasant time to be outside, it’s important not to forget its hazards. Poison ivy and poison oak will be in full bloom, briars will grow along trails, and mosquitoes and ticks will be swarming. Hikers must make sure they're properly equipped before they hit the trails!

Thankfully, the right pair of hiking socks can go a long way in making sure you remain protected from all the outdoor challenges—as well as painful hiking blisters. 

Without further ado, here are Wrightsock’s best summer hiking socks for all your adventures in 2023!

The Best Warm-Weather Hiking Socks 

Escape Quarter socks are the best choice for all-purpose summer hiking socks. Escape socks are light cushion, making them ideal for protecting feet while keeping them from getting too hot. Escape Quarter socks also are double-layer, making them anti-blister socks designed to minimize friction and wick away excess moisture. In addition, their quarter length makes them perfect for keeping legs cool as they protect against low-lying bramble and poison ivy. 

Best Socks for the Hot Weather

Are you expecting to be outdoors in the hottest weather? Ultra Thin Lo Quarter socks are designed for maximum ventilation. While these socks don’t have the full-anti-blister protection of double-layer socks, that minimal feel may be worth it in the hottest weather. After all, should you really be doing extra-long hikes in extreme heat anyway?

Best for Roadside Sightseeing

For vacations with plenty of roadside sightseeing, Eco Explore Crew socks are your best choice. These hybrid travel/hiking socks are perfect for excursions that involve getting in and out of the car, and they’re more than capable of holding up on a day hike. These lightweight, double-layer socks will free your feet from the conditions that lead to blisters: friction and excess moisture. Their moisture-wicking fabric also helps you avoid any unpleasant odors. Your travel companions will thank you!

Best for Mountain Hiking

Escape Merino crew socks are the best summer hiking socks for those climbing mountain trails. Whether it’s long-distance hiking across the AT or a day trip up your local path, these Merino wool socks will help regulate the temperature of your feet, wick away moisture, and protect you from the trailside hazards you might face.

The Best for Maximum Protection

Are you looking for maximum protection from your summer hiking socks? Coolmesh II Over The Calf socks are your best choice for 2023. The CoolMesh II style is one of the lightest double-layer socks available, but it still offers complete anti-blister sock protection. The extra-long length of these OTC socks will keep off the ticks, bramble, and poison ivy while keeping you cool and ready for all your summer adventures.

Wrightsock: Your Home for Summer Hiking Socks

At Wrightsock, we’re proud to offer the best summer hiking socks available. Whether it’s a day hike or a weeks-long excursion, we have the anti-blister hiking socks to keep you going.

Are you interested in learning about the best socks for trail running? Have any questions about anti-blister footwear?

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