Outdoor Socks: 11 Pairs for Every Type of Weather

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure for the summer, fall, spring, or winter months, have you considered the type of socks you’ll take with you? Whether skiing down wintery slopes or hiking up summer trails, choosing the right pair of socks is essential to your comfort and performance. As you look for the right pair, check out our 11 favorite anti-blister socks for different seasons.

Outdoor Socks for Winter

People aren’t typically thinking about the type of socks they’ll wear as they prepare to hit the slopes. Instead, they often take more time to find a boot that fits their ski or snowboard setup. Though finding the right pair of boots is important, the boot’s effectiveness is dependent on the quality of the sock chosen. The same goes for anyone planning to explore snowy mountains on foot. If you love running in the winter, you’ll also want a sock that keeps your feet warm while wicking away moisture from your feet.

As you search for the right pair of anti-blister outdoor socks for winter, review our top picks for cold weather below:

  • Merino Extreme Crew: If you’re not allergic to wool, then our Merino Extreme Crew socks are a great choice for skiing or hiking. These double-layer socks’ inner layer of Merino Wool wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and prevent them from sliding in your boots. The outer layer is also designed for blister protection and added comfort. Due to their double-layer design and lightweight fit, you can expect these socks to keep your feet warm and blister-free while still being thin enough to fit into your boots and not restrict circulation.
  • Winter Run Crew Anti Blister System: Eco-conscious individuals will be happy with our Winter Run Crew Anti Blister System, as they’re made from recycled polyester and Recover RWool®. These breathable materials are durable, sustainable, and comfortable. Like many of our other socks, they also feature our patented Double Layer technology to prevent blisters.
  • Kids Escape Crew: Don’t forget about the kids! With our Kids Escape Crew socks, your children’s feet will receive all the benefits of our double-layer socks. These high-performance and lightly cushioned double-layer socks offer superior blister protection for any winter activities your kids enjoy. Their anti-blister design also ensures their feet will stay dry and comfortable while out on the slopes or on a hike.
  • Running II Lo Quarter: Our Running II Lo Quarter socks are designed for runners to wear all year round. However, they’re a particularly good choice for running during the winter, as they feature a slightly heavier yarn that increases their thickness and can keep your feet warm in cold weather. You can also select Running II socks in tab or crew heights. 

Outdoor Socks for Spring and Summer 

During the spring and summer, you’ll want your feet to stay cool, comfortable, and blister-free. Here are a few spring and summer outdoor socks to keep your feet pristine in warm and hot weather:

  • Escape Quarter: If you want socks that provide lasting comfort as you spend the day on the trail, our lightly cushioned Escape Quarter socks are what you’ve been looking for. Recycled polyester is incorporated to keep moisture away and increase durability. They also have a double layer, meaning they’ll wick away sweat and reduce excess heat.
  • Explore/Travel Crew: When your summer plans include exploring the outdoors for hours, our Explore/Travel Crew socks are an excellent pick. Alongside the socks’ breathability and anti-blister design, they’re made from sustainable materials, making them perfect for nature lovers everywhere. 
  • Coolmesh II Over the Calf: Our Coolmesh II Over the Calf quick-dry, lightweight outdoor socks are a great choice for those doing a little light hiking while traveling. Designed for a minimal feel, you’ll barely notice them. That’s probably why they’re our #1 selling style. If you’re looking for running socks for the summer, our Coolmesh II Quarter socks offer the same minimal feel at a lower height.
  • Endurance Crew: When you want a pair of trail running socks for the spring or summer, our Endurance Crew socks offer the durability and cushioning you need. These double-layer socks feature hidden cushioning between the inner and outer layers to prevent a bulky feel and properly protect your feet while running.

Outdoor Socks for Fall

Autumn weather can be tricky depending on the time of day you choose to venture out into the world. The major components you want in your outdoor socks are breathability and durability as the temperatures change. Review our best socks for fall weather below:

  • Explore Turkey Trot Quarter: When socks are loose fitting and leave your feet swimming in your boots, too much friction is created, and blisters become a huge problem. Our sustainable Explore Turkey Trot Quarter socks come with a blister-free guarantee, and the arch keeps the sock locked in place with the Stabilizer Zone™ feature. 
  • Run Reflective: Safety gear is of the utmost importance for night runners. Once the fall months come around, the sun begins to set earlier, leaving us with more hours of darkness. Add another layer of protection to your workout ensemble with our Run Reflective socks. Glass and microbeads are bonded to the sock’s yarn, making you much more visible in low-light settings. Don’t leave home without them!
  • Silver Escape Crew: Our double-layer Silver Escape  Crew socks feature our best-selling hiking sock design, smart yarn technology, and a silver-embedded inner layer. As some of our favorite hiking socks for the fall, our Silver Escape socks offer superior blister protection, and the silver-infused inner layer ensures odor-free wear and antimicrobial protection. Due to our confidence in the socks’ antimicrobial qualities, we even offer a no-odor guarantee for our entire line of Silver Escape socks. 

Wrightsock Has Outdoor Socks for Any Weather

At Wrightsock, we’re proud to offer socks for every season and a wide range of activities. Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, or outdoor enthusiast, we have a sock designed just for you. All of our double-layer socks come with our blister-free guarantee, and their anti-blister design targets the three main causes of blisters—excess heat, moisture, and friction.

Browse through our collection of single and double-layer outdoor socks today. Feel free to contact us with any questions.