Do Thicker Socks Stop Blisters?

It’s a frequently asked question the experts at Wrightsock often receive: 

Do thicker socks stop blisters?

The answer is: not necessarily. Many hikers and runners can attest to developing painful foot and heel blisters even while wearing some of the thickest socks they own! That’s because thicker socks don’t necessarily prevent all the conditions that lead to painful foot blisters.

Why don’t thick socks prevent blisters, and what are the requirements of socks to prevent blisters? Read this guide to find out!

Why Thick Socks Don’t Prevent Blisters

Many thick socks don’t reliably prevent blisters because they don’t address the two primary conditions that lead to blister formation: excess friction and moisture.

Blisters are primarily caused when feet grow vulnerable due to excess moisture and are subjected to friction from regular walking or running. But while thicker socks are usually adept at preventing friction because of their extra padding, they often don’t do a great job preventing moisture buildup.

Thick socks are precisely that—thick—and they can often lead to hot, sweaty feet. Even the thickest socks won’t do much to prevent blisters if they’re soaked through with sweat. (Gross!). That excess moisture can also lead to numerous unpleasant outcomes, such as foot odor or fungus. 

What Makes a Blister-Proof Sock?

So how do blister-proof socks actually prevent blisters? 

These no-blister socks protect against both excessive friction AND excess moisture. They protect feet from excessive friction, but not at the cost of moisture retention and excess heat. 

With special designs and fabrics, blister-free socks use strategic padding to prevent friction and wick away sweat and other moisture to keep feet from growing soft and vulnerable. 

Requirements of Socks to Prevent Blisters

Surprisingly, blister-proof socks are not always your thickest socks. For instance, anti-blister double-layer socks use a strategy similar to when hikers double up on their socks, but with even better results. With double-layer socks, each layer is slim and breathable, so these blister-proof socks protect feet without suffocating them.

But that’s not the only defining feature of blister-proof socks! They must be:

Made of Quick Dry Materials

Anti-blister socks prevent blisters regardless of the weather! Rain, snow, and puddles will mean wet feet, but the best blister-proof socks dry out quickly to protect them from extra moisture.

Durable and Well-Made

Sock holes are a recipe for foot blisters! While cheaper quality socks are prone to wear and tear after just a few uses, more durable products will protect your feet longer and better without contributing to textile industry waste.

The Right Length for the Activity

Whether they’re lo-quarter socks, over-the-calf, or everything in between, blister-free socks must be the correct length for the type of activity you’re putting them through. Fortunately, blister-proof socks come in a wide array of lengths and designs!

Wrightsock: Your Home for Guaranteed Blister-Proof Socks

Tired of getting foot blisters? Put away those hot, moisture-retentive socks! With Wrightsock’s anti-blister socks, you’ll find comfortable socks that provide all the protection of thick socks (and more!) without any discomfort.

Want to learn more about anti-blister socks? Check out Wrightsock’s anti-blister sock blog to learn about the right products for you and your family. If you have any questions, reach out to Wrightsock today!