A Guide to Sock Lengths: Which is Right for You?

The best socks will always be ones that feel the most comfortable to you. But with so many different lengths of socks to choose from—Quarter, Tab, Crew, and more—sock shopping can get more complicated than you’d expect.

That’s why the experts at Wrightsock put together this guide, so it’s easy to select the right pair of socks for you, your teammates, or your family. 

1. Below-the-Ankle Socks

You might not see them, but there’s a lot going on! Below-the-ankle socks come in an assortment of styles and lengths. Here’s the breakdown.


They’re exactly what their name suggests. They reach just around the edge of the heel and are invisible when wearing a pair of sneakers. Unfortunately, this no-see look comes at a price, as they offer little foot protection and have a tendency to slip off the back of your foot.

Tab Socks 

Tab socks are low-cut socks with an extra tab to protect the back of your foot. They’re the perfect choice for those looking for a minimal-feel sock without sacrificing any anti-blister protection. As an added bonus, the tab helps keep the sock in place, which is a chronic problem with other below-the-ankle socks.

2. Above-the-Ankle Socks

Above-the-ankle socks are ideal for athletes, hikers, and gardeners looking for a bit of extra protection for their ankles. 

Lo Quarter Socks 

Lo Quarter socks just above the ankle, which makes them good all-around outdoor socks for warmer weather. They’re also a very popular choice among runners, particularly those looking for an anti-blister sock option.

Quarter-Length Socks 

Quarter-length socks extend a little higher and fully cover the ankle bone. They’re great for yard work or an assortment of other activities like intramural and weekend sports, especially when teammates can be a little careless where they step in their cleats!

3. Mid-Calf and Above 

Crew Socks

Crew socks are your traditional-length socks. Whether it’s a professional function, general working socks, or day-to-day activities, crew-cut socks are a great go-to choice.

Crew-cut socks might be the standard option, but they don’t have to be boring! With a wide array of available styles, anti-blister sock features, and fun patterns, crew-cut socks continue to be the most popular sock length for a reason.

Over-the-Calf Socks

Are you planning on hiking in the deep woods? Do you need hunting socks for cold temperatures? Or do you simply enjoy the look and feel of full-length socks? Then over-the-calf socks are the perfect choice for you.

Just because over-the-calf socks are your longest socks available doesn’t mean they have to be hot! Merino Wool OTC socks help regulate the body temperature—and are sustainable, too!

Anti-Blister Socks: From Ankle to OTC

Wrightsock is your home for the best blister-proof socks for women and men, no matter the length or style you’re looking for! Whether you’re looking for the best men’s quarter socks, the best anti-blister running socks, or any other blister-proof style, Wrightsock has the right products for you.

If you’d like to learn more about no-blister socks and other product offerings, check out the other resources on our blog!