A Guide to Double-Layer Socks

When you’re an avid hiker or runner, you know how important it is to keep your feet comfortable and blister-free. In the past, you’ve likely put on two pairs of socks to protect yourself. However, with a pair of double-layer socks in your drawer, you can completely eliminate blisters without the bulk. If you want better protection and comfort for your feet, take a moment to learn more about double-layer socks.

What Are Double Layer Socks?

As you might expect from the name, double-layer socks feature two layers of socks in one package. Instead of having to put two socks on to prevent blisters or hotspots, double layer socks have two layers built into them, giving wearers all the advantages of wearing two pairs of socks without the hassle, bulkiness, and potential discomfort of putting on two pairs. 

Double-layer socks from Wrightsock come with an inside sock designed to provide your foot with a flat, smooth surface and fit snugly. Wrightsock makes these socks with a hydrophobic, undyed yarn to wick away moisture and give your feet a protective barrier. Alongside the inner barrier, double layer socks have an outer layer that interacts with the inner sock to remove friction. By having two layers, these socks absorb the excess friction hiking and running generate.

Benefits of Double Layer Socks

Double-layer socks come with many advantages for everyone, from daily walkers and joggers to avid hikers and runners. Due to their unique design, you can better prevent blisters, wick away moisture, and receive several customization options. 

Learn more about the primary advantages of double-layer socks below:

1. Prevents Blisters

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing double-layer socks is their ability to prevent blisters. Since they feature a snug inner surface and protective, hydrophobic layer, they reduce excessive heat and moisture. Since heat and moisture are the two main causes of blisters, these socks excel at preventing them. 

Essentially, the two layers help to absorb friction and allow the body’s natural cooling processes to evaporate moisture. As a result, double-layer socks can be a much better option for blister prevention than single-layer socks. They’re especially useful for activities where you’ll generate more friction and sweat, such as hiking and jogging.

2. Wicks Away Moisture

When moisture builds up in your shoes, it can weaken the skin, causing blisters and sores. Besides raising the risk of blisters, wet socks can be very uncomfortable and foster bacteria, leading to athlete’s foot or rashes. For long, cold hikes, wet socks can even cause frostbite. Since jogging and hiking create a great deal of sweat, it’s critical you have a pair of socks that wick away moisture.

Double-layer socks wick away moisture by using a hydrophobic outer layer. This layer moves moisture away from the skin and gives it the chance to absorb instead of pooling inside your sock and shoe. Due to the moisture-wicking properties of two-layer socks, you can run, hike, jog or walk without worrying about your feet getting wet.

3. Offers Customization

Whether you need double-layer hiking socks, double-layer running socks, double-layer hunting socks, snowboarding socks, or golf socks for men and women, Wrightsock’s selection of two-layer socks has you covered. Due to our wide inventory of socks, you can find one in the weight you prefer. For example, our lightweight socks, such as our Cool Mesh II, are perfect for people who want to stay cool and who enjoy a tighter fit. 

You can also select midweight socks if you like a little bit more weight but don’t want to switch shoe sizes. Some of our top options include Running II and Escape double-layer socks. These socks are a great choice for new wearers of performance socks, and they excel at wicking away moisture.

Finally, if you need to fill out your shoes or want more cushioning, our heavyweight options are perfect. These socks feature a terry looped design for more cushioning and volume, and they come with a more substantial yarn.

Choose Wrightsock for Your Next Pair of Double Layer Socks

With all of the benefits of double-layer socks, you might be interested in adding a pair (or two!) into your wardrobe. At Wrightsock, we’re ready to set you up with a perfect pair of two-layer socks for your needs. Whether you need a new pair of double-layer socks for hiking or running, or if you need even more specialized Military PT socks, mountaineering socks, or men’s or women’s cycling socks, we’ve got you covered. Our double-layer socks give you the performance of two socks but the feel of only one.

Browse our selection of double-layer socks today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.