A Guide to Diabetic Socks: 4 Traits to Look For

For folks managing diabetes, foot comfort and care are paramount, and a good pair of diabetic socks can make a huge difference in managing discomfort and preventing complications. It can be hard to know which socks to choose, as many products on the market claim to do all sorts of things. 

Buying socks shouldn’t be a huge hassle, and if you’re managing your diabetes or purchasing socks for someone who is, you’ll want to be prepared with the information you need to purchase the most comfortable, supportive pair of socks you can. As you browse through diabetic socks for men or women, review the top four qualities to look for in diabetic socks.

1. Material 

Diabetes can cause poor circulation and reduce blood flow to the feet. Decreased blood flow can end up causing individuals with diabetes to experience increased perspiration on their feet. Due to this increased chance of sweat, a quality sock for diabetics will have moisture-wicking fabrics that keep the feet dry and comfortable. 

Merino wool is your best bet when it comes to what materials to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping for socks. While Merino wool is good for year-round wear, you might be worried about your feet getting too warm in the spring and summer. If you’d like even greater cooling and moisture-wicking properties, socks made out of a blend of Merino wool and synthetic material can be a great alternative. By choosing a sock with synthetic yarns and Merino wool, you’ll get all of the benefits of Merino wool’s moisture-wicking properties with a little added breathability!

2. Seamless Design & Extra Padding

Another essential feature to look for in a diabetic sock is seamless design. Unlike regular socks with potentially irritating seams, diabetic socks do away with friction and pressure points, reducing the risk of blisters and ulcers. Because the nerves in the feet of someone who is diabetic can become damaged, it can be harder to notice wounds and blisters. When someone does get them, they can take longer to heal, so you’ll want to avoid socks that generate friction as much as you can.

Along with a seamless design, a good diabetic sock will usually be made with extra padding in the heel and ball of the foot to help support the wearer’s feet. This extra bit of cushion will assist with shock absorption, offer extra comfort, and help protect the vulnerable areas of the feet from injury. 

3. Non-Binding Elastic

Anything that reduces blood flow to the feet can potentially be harmful to someone with diabetes. You’ll want to make sure that the elastic in the socks you’re buying is manufactured to provide a gentle, secure fit while also not being too tight. This design will help prevent pressure points, enhancing the overall feel of the sock and reducing the risk of complications. The lack of tight bands around the top of a sock ensures proper circulation, which is crucial for individuals with diabetes. 

4. Easy Off and On

For individuals with mobility issues or limitations, putting on and taking off socks can be frustrating. Diabetic socks should be easy to remove without having to struggle with the sock getting bunched up at the bottom or the top. Keep an eye out for socks with an extra wide fit as well. If you’re dealing with swelling in your feet and ankles, your sock should be able to accommodate properly. 

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