Things to Consider When Buying New Running Socks

When you’re looking to up your running game, you need high-quality running socks in your corner. Just picking up a regular pair of socks, even those made for fitness, won’t do. Instead, you’ll want socks specifically made for running. Running socks often come with custom qualities, such as moisture-wicking, temperature regulation, and anti-blister features. By knowing more about some of the main qualities you’ll want in running socks, you can pick a pair perfect for your needs.

Check out the top seven qualities to consider when buying new running socks below:

1. Running Sock Size

One of the first things you’ll likely want to look for in a pair of new running socks is their size. After all, you probably don’t want socks so small they pinch your feet or those so large they start to sag or flop around.

As you look for socks, make sure you know your shoe size, picking socks that meet that measurement. It’s also a good idea to pick socks that fit snugly around your heels without stretching and don’t slide around. You’ll also want your socks to fit fairly tight, but not so tight that they restrict your toes’ movement or cause the sock to overstretch.

2. Comfortability

As you run, the comfort of your feet is essential for you to do your best and reach your goals. A great pair of socks will give your feet’s main impact zones, such as the balls of your feet and your heels, some cushioning. When you first buy new running socks, try out a few different types to see what kind feels the most comfortable for you.

3. Moisture Wicking 

When you go out for a long run, you can expect your feet to sweat. This sweat can build up in your shoes, causing them to get wet and make running less comfortable. Wet shoes can also foster harmful bacteria, potentially leading to infections like athlete’s foot.

As a result, experienced runners always look for socks with moisture-wicking qualities. Instead of buying socks made out of moisture-trapping materials, such as wool and cotton, choose socks with moisture-wicking synthetic fibers, such as nylon or acrylic. If you select wool socks for cold weather running, ensure they feature a double-layer, moisture-wicking design.

4. Friction Absorption

While you’re running, your feet will produce a lot of friction. This friction can lead to blisters and make your feet sweat more than normal. Additionally, extra friction can irritate your skin and make your run far less comfortable.

If you want to reduce the amount of friction your feet and shoes produce during a run, you’ll want socks with friction absorption qualities. Double-layer socks, such as Coolmesh II Lo Quarter Socks, absorb the friction that would otherwise be transferred to your skin. Socks with an inner and outer layer prevent any abrasion on your feet, ensuring you stay comfortable and blister-free.

5. Temperature Regulation

Another important factor to consider when selecting your next pair of running socks is their temperature regulation qualities. You’ll want to find a pair of socks that prevent your feet from getting too hot, as the heat can cause your feet to start sweating excessively. In the winter, you’ll also want a pair of socks that can keep your feet warm.

If you’re planning to run in cold temperatures, choose a sock with wool, such as Winter Run. Socks like Winter Run feature a breathable and lightweight wool to keep your feet comfortable when you first start your run and wick away moisture once you’ve warmed up your feet. For hotter times of the year, go with socks made out of synthetic fibers featuring a lightweight, breathable design.

6. Ankle Tab

Some runners prefer to wear short socks that only come up to their ankles. If you’re one of these runners, you’ll need socks with ankle tabs on them to ensure your skin doesn’t rub against your shoe during the run, which could cause skin irritation and blisters. Ankle socks with tabs, such as Endurance Double Tab Socks, are a perfect pick for times when you need to protect your ankles.

7. Anti-Blister Technology

A blister can ruin a run, especially if you’re out on a long jog, far away from your home. When you want to prevent blisters, you need anti-blister socks. Some of the best socks on the market, such as Endurance Double Tab Socks, come with a double-layer construction to provide extra cushioning, absorb friction, and prevent blisters.

These socks feature connected inner and outer socks to ensure your feet have the cushioning they need in areas prone to blisters. They also have an air layer between the two sock layers to wick away moisture that could lead to blistering and discomfort. Due to this design, you can go on runs confident your feet and ankles will stay blister-free.

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