6 Valentine’s Day Tips for Exercising With Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, so it’s time to show your significant other how much you care. When recommending fun and casual ways to celebrate the holiday, advice columns often include working out together. It’s excellent advice since exercising with your significant other can be a great and healthy way to show affection. But a couples workout session can be a wonderful time—or the recipe for romantic disaster.

The fitness experts of Wrightsock’s performance socks understand the health and happiness benefits of working out with your partner, and we know how to avoid common pitfalls. Whether you’re looking for exercises to do with your girlfriend or want some advice on making sure your workout with your partner goes smoothly, check out our top six tips for exercising with your partner this Valentine's Day!

6 Tips for Valentine’s Day Exercises

Getting your body moving and endorphins flowing on Valentine’s Day is a great way to set you and your partner up for a fun date in the evening. While exercise can be a great mood lifter, anyone who plans to exercise with their partner on Valentine’s Day can benefit from a few tips to make the workout a highlight. As you get ready to exercise with your girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, review our top six tips for a great Valentine’s Day workout below:

1. Make a Plan

Finding the motivation to work out can be tough, especially when you have to motivate yourself and your significant other! While getting up and going with your workout routine is hard, it’s easier if you already know what to expect. 

The night before, write out a specific workout routine you both can agree upon. And don’t forget to set an alarm . . . or two!

2. Pick Perfect Valentine’s Day Exercises

As you build a plan, it’s important to look for workouts designed to be enjoyed with a partner. After all, you probably don’t want to show up to the gym and leave your partner all alone to do cardio while you go lift weights. While going your separate ways in the gym can be great for most days of the year, you really should be paying attention to your partner on Valentine’s Day. 

Instead of choosing a solo-focused workout, pick one you can easily do with your partner. Since you might have different exercise focuses, you might want to gear the exercise toward something that fits both of your goals. So, if your partner isn’t a bodybuilder, don’t decide to make them go through a heavy-weight session on Valentine’s Day! 

3. Don’t Be a Personal Trainer

Most people don’t want to be bossed around—especially by their significant other. If you try to be your partner’s trainer, you’re bound to make your partner feel self-conscious. 

Personal training is a serious and difficult job, so let’s leave it to the professionals!

4. Do Only What Your Body Can Handle

No two people have the same fitness level, so there’s no reason to expect you and your partner to perform similarly in your exercises. For that reason, don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you feel you’re falling behind. After all, pulling a muscle or giving yourself painful blisters isn’t the most fun—or romantic—way to spend your time together.

5. The Workout Isn’t What’s Most Important

Remember, you can always work out alone. The point of exercising with your partner is that you’re doing it together. So remember: no matter what happens during your exercises with your partner, your relationship is most important. 

Be kind, be attentive to your loved one, and don’t forget to have fun!

6. Start Your Routine with a Gift

Our final tip is to kick off the workout with a small gift. Even if the workout ends up being a real grind, a gift is a great way to still make it feel like a fun date.

A thoughtful, exercise-themed gift is always a good idea. Does he or she need a new water bottle, running shoes, or a pair of anti-blister socks? Show your partner you care as you enjoy all the health and romantic benefits of exercise together.

3 Fun Valentine’s Day Exercises

With those six tips in mind, you might be looking for more ideas about exercises to do with your girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s passing sprints or pushups with high-fives, you have plenty of options to choose from. As you get ready to exercise with your boyfriend or girlfriend, review our three favorite exercises with partners below:

1. Couples Wall Sits

If you want to work on your lower body and core on Valentine’s Day, couples wall sits can be a great option. In one version of this exercise with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can perform your wall sit by using each other’s back as the wall. Stand back to back and begin lowering yourselves to the squat position. Once you’re both squatting and using each other’s backs as the “walls,” hold the position for a time that fits both your fitness levels.

In another version, you can perform your wall sits next to each other on a wall. You can take the difficulty up a level by passing a medicine ball between you to add extra weight to your wall sit.

2. Pushups With High Fives

While pushups are often a solo exercise, you can do them with a partner as well. When doing couples pushups on Valentine’s Day, get into a position where you’re in the pushup position beside each other. Instead of doing a normal pushup, stop at the top. Next, use only one hand to keep you in the “up” pushup position, and use the hand closest to your partner to give them a high-five while you’re both off the ground! 

This workout makes the pushups more fun and can give your core a bit more of a workout.  

3. Passing Sprints or a Scenic Jog

Looking for a more cardio-focused exercise with your boyfriend? Passing sprints can be a great choice. During this exercise, you’ll take turns sprinting ahead of the other. After you finish your sprint, your partner will start their sprint and catch up with you. You can then continue this pattern until you finish the number of sprints you’d like to get in before the end of the workout. Plus, sprinting to your partner while they encourage you can make the sprints more fun and bring you closer!

If you don’t love the idea of sprint exercises with your partner but still want to do cardio, a jog on your favorite local trail can be a beautiful way to get your cardio in on Valentine’s Day.

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