5 Essential Features for Military and PT Socks

When it comes to military PT socks, quality is a necessity. Whether it’s for physical training or active combat, men and women in the service know the importance that proper socks play. 

If you’re an active duty soldier or are considering joining the armed forces, selecting proper military socks is a fundamental part of your combat-ready preparation. Here’s 5 essential features of the best military and physical training socks that will stand up to the rigor that’s required of them.

#1 Blister-Free Military Socks

When selecting the right military-approved product for their feet, one of the first criteria servicemen and women should be looking for is blister-free military socks. Even broken-in athletic shoes and military boots can wear against the heel and toes, leading to the formation of painful blisters. Blood blisters can be a liability both in combat and physical training, making difficult exercises all the harder. Blisters can also cause other significant issues when soldiers try to compensate during their exercise with abnormal walking or running gaits.

So how can you know whether the socks you’re purchasing are effective anti-blister military socks? Many socks say they’re adept at preventing blisters, but they need to address the three problems that allow blisters to form.

  • Heat
  • Friction
  • Moisture

Wrightsock’s Anti-blister Military Socks use a patented Double-layer™ system that addresses all three concerns. The double-layer system protects feet from friction, prevents excess heat, and allows moisture to wick away. With a design developed specifically for the armed forces, Wrightsock’s blister-free military socks are the perfect option for the rigor of physical training. 

#2 Prevention Against Foot Fungus

Athlete’s Foot and other foot fungus infections are itching and painful afflictions that are common for athletes and soldiers alike. Athlete’s Foot thrives on feet that are sweaty for long periods of time, and infections can be easily shared through shared shower spaces–making the threat of foot fungus a serious issue for those in the armed forces. One of the best protections is to keep feet dry, and your military PT socks play a crucial role.

As a recommendation for preventing blisters, military guidelines advise a two-sock system with a liner to prevent friction. Unfortunately, in hotter temperatures, this extra padding can lead to excess moisture, creating a breeding ground for Athlete’s Foot. Wrightsock’s military-approved anti-blister socks provide all the protection of the two-sock system without any additional heat. And by wicking away any moisture that does form, Wrightsock’s military PT socks ensure your feet remain dry and healthy.   

#3 Quick Dry

Physical training involves performing exercises outdoors in all sorts of weather. The last thing servicemen and women want, when starting off their morning exercises, is to pull on a pair of wet socks that haven’t properly dried. Could you ever imagine telling your drill sergeant you need to wait a few hours before you join morning exercises because your socks are still wet?

Thick cotton tends to take the longest time to dry, and it often tends to be one of the most common fabrics in socks. For military PT, you need different, faster-drying socks. Wrightsock’s Ultra Thin Quarter Socks contain the least amount of fabric that will keep your feet protected, and less fabric means less retained moisture that needs to dry out. Many of our anti-blister military PT socks replace traditional cotton with wool and other fast-drying materials, which means you’ll be ready in the morning for whatever training is required of you.

#4 Durable and Long-lasting

Your socks aren’t doing their job if they have holes in them. Worn socks fail to protect feet from excess friction–which means blisters. Over the years, many servicemen and women have finished a long day of physical training only to discover holes in their socks that have allowed the development of painful, long-lasting blisters.

There’s only one defense against damaged socks: high-quality materials. Cheaply-made products might save money in the short-term, but low-grade quality means products that don’t last when put against the rigors of military PT. Quality anti-blister military socks are designed to adjust for the high-impact points along feet, while reducing the friction that damages both feet and socks alike. It’s important to seek out socks made of high-quality materials, like Wrightsock’s military PT socks and boot socks, that won’t wear out in the middle of your training.

#5 Military PT Socks That Comply With Regulations

And, finally, the most essential of all features for military PT socks–they must be compliant with all military regulations. The US army has increased color options for their physical training socks, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still strict requirements for all branches of the armed forces. For instance, any logos should be below the ankle, and socks must be long enough to cover the ankle bone. 

Staying up to code is easy with Wrightsocks’s military PT socks, which are designed with all of our country’s military requirements in mind. Our logos have been discretely moved to the toe line, and our colors remain in line with regulations. 

Wrightsock’s anti-blister military PT socks combine performance, quality, and compliance together to be the perfect product to support you and your service to our nation. We’re so confident in their ability to provide you the perfect sock, we back all our products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee

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