3 Benefits of Double Layer Socks

Double layer socks are changing the game for fitness and hiking activewear. Whether it’s double layer running socks or double layer hiking socks, two layer socks are proving to be the best option for exercise enthusiasts. 

But what exactly makes double layer socks such a great choice? Two layer socks offer three benefits that even the top single layer socks can’t compete with!

1. Double Layer Socks Mean Drier Feet

Double layer socks are made from two distinct, layered materials. The inner layer is composed of an undyed, hydrophobic yarn, specially designed to wick moisture away from feet. That alone helps keep your feet drier. But double layer socks' dryness benefits don’t end there!

By rapidly moving moisture away from your feet, double-layer socks speed up the process of sweat evaporation. And since the evaporation of sweat is what cools your body down, your double layer socks help keep your feet cooler. 

Cooler feet means less sweat, which means drier feet. And drier feet means less unpleasant odor!

2. Protection Without Excess Thickness

Many runners and hikers, looking for additional protection for their feet, opt for thicker, cotton socks. But, unfortunately, as soon as they fit on their running shoes or boots, their thick socks undergo that uncomfortable “bunching” at the backs of their ankles.

It’s hard to enjoy your run or hike when your socks feel like they’re squirming out of your shoes!

Double layer socks provide all the protection of thick single layer socks without any uncomfortable bunching. In fact, some double layer socks can be remarkably thin and lightweight. The outer portion of two layer socks is designed to protect high-impact areas from excess friction. 

Which brings us to our final benefit!

3. Double Layer Socks Offer Anti Blister Protection 

Double layer socks are specifically designed to prevent blisters from forming. Foot blisters form from a combination of excess moisture and friction. As a result, the socks we wear play a huge role in whether or not we develop blisters.

While thick, single layer cotton socks will protect feet, they don’t prevent excess moisture. And while thin, single layer socks may keep feet cool, they don’t provide the necessary protection to prevent blisters from forming.

Two layer socks package anti-moisture and anti-friction design in one, providing feet the ideal protection from blisters. No more will foot blisters ruin an otherwise great run or hike through the woods. With two layer socks, you can exercise in comfort. 

Wrightsock Double Layer Socks: Two Sock Performance – One Sock Feel

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As an American-owned, sustainably-supplied company, we’re committed to protecting both your feet and the natural wonders of our beautiful country. Do you have questions about our double layer socks? Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!